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Video of Tyrann Mathieu trash talking Chargers throughout game surfaces

Patrick Mahomes is the lifeblood of the Kansas City Chiefs, but no one has transformed the defense like Tyrann Matheiu has.

The team signed him to a three-year, $42 million deal last offseason, and actually drew some criticism for doing so, as some believed it was too much money to allocate to a safety. And now, here we are, with Jamal Adams reportedly seeking somewhere in the area of $20 million per year.

Well, given what Mathieu has done for the team, that $14 million AAV is starting to look like a steal. The Chiefs were just a few stops away from defeating the Patriots in the 2018 AFC title game, but their inability to stop Tom Brady from completing passes in key moments proved to be their downfall. They signed Mathieu just a few months later, and, coincidentally, went on to win a Super Bowl the following season.

And Mathieu is not only a dominant player on the field, but he’s also fun to watch. A recent video showing him trash talking the Chargers during last Sunday’s Week 2 matchup showcases that well.

Mathieu talks the talk, and backs it up as well.