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Zion Williamson was gifted a custom Thanos chain

New Orleans Pelican star Zion Williamson is on the verge of NBA domination, so it’s fitting his favorite Marvel character is Thanos.

Williams is now sporting a custom Thanos Infinity Gauntlet that was gifted to him for his 20th birthday.

In one of his first press conferences with the Pelicans, he mentioned that his favorite character was the supervillain, Thanos, from Avengers: Endgame. 

In the past, he’s also been seen sporting Thanos themed sneakers.

For Zion’s 20th trip around the sun, celebrity jeweler ZoFrost gifted the superstar a blinged-out Infinity Gauntlet with a twist.

The blinged out piece included a twist incorporating a basketball, and all of the Infinity stones.

You have to love Zion embracing the villain. If he embraces his villainous side on the court, watch out NBA, one snap of his fingers and he’ll make all the competition disappear.