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Joey Votto took batting practice wearing a Black Lives Matter shirt

Cincinnati Reds star Joey Votto wore a sleeveless “Black Lives Matter” shirt throughout Tuesday’s workout at Great American Ball Park.

Votto wrote an essay about his “awakening” on racial issues after George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis and vowed not to stay silent.

“I felt obligated to say something and I feel like I’ve changed as a man,” Votto said last weekend. “I feel like my perspective has changed. Going back to saying something, I didn’t want to, but I couldn’t sleep. It was a long stretch where I just couldn’t sleep. When it affects me that deeply, I felt strong. I felt strong about saying something and learning. Every day I’m trying to learn.”

It might have only been batting practice, but the 6-time All-Star and 2010 NL MVP used that time to get the message out.

Votto vowed to not stay quiet anymore, and he’s off to a great start, practicing exactly what he’s preaching.