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Allen Iverson calls out Jason Whitlock

A few media members have taken aim at Jason Whitlock this week, and it sure looked like a former NBA player joined the party as well.

Katie Nolan got into it with Whitlock in a heated social media back-and-forth, with Maria Taylor taking some shots at the Fox Sports talking head as well. But it didn’t seem to end there, either.

Whitlock has been critical of a number of NBA and NFL players over the years, with Allen Iverson being near the top of the list. This particular column from 2009 is just one of many Whitlock penned about AI.

So when Iverson joined Stephen Jackson and Matt Barnes on the popular “All the Smoke” podcast this week, many assumed that he was taking aim at Whitlock when he said the following.

“The way you hate me, motherf—er, I hate you too,” Iverson said while pointing at the camera. “You and your daddy.”

Whitlock sure isn’t winning a popularity contest anytime soon — or ever, for that matter.