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Baker Mayfield claims he, wife Emily Wilkinson saw UFO

Baker Mayfield recently delivered a take that was almost as silly as Kyrie Irving’s flat earth theory.

Mayfield has quickly become one of the more well-known athletes in the sports world, especially given that he plays for the Browns, a team that hasn’t really drafted and developed anyone of note since before the turn of the century. But Mayfield has made a habit of making headlines, as he has no filter, and says what’s on his mind.

Mayfield has appeared in a number of Progressive Insurance TV commercials over the past year or so, and it’s really elevated his brand awareness. He’s leveraged that notoriety by funneling sports fans to his Twitter page, where he shares his inner thoughts.

Most recently, he did exactly that, delivering an attention-grabbing hot take that made the social media world explode. Mayfield seems to believe he and his wife, Emily, saw a UFO, over Lake Travis (in the Austin, Tx., area).

Slow news day, we guess.