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Bettor makes insanely bizarre longshot bet on Browns for 2021 season

The Browns won a playoff game last season, yet one particular bettor appears to believe they’ll be taking a number of steps backward in 2021.

And by that, we don’t just mean this person believes they’ll miss the postseason this season. It wouldn’t come as a shock to us, given that they backed into the playoffs in Week 17 of 2021.

No, this bettor believes the Browns will have the worst record in the NFL.

The Browns went 10-6 last season, yet this person made a bet on FanDuel Sportsbook that they’ll finish at the bottom of the NFL standings in 2021. It pays out at 250:1 odds.

Getting 250:1 is great and all, but there’s no value in a number in which the bettor is simply throwing money away. There’s no way this bet will cash. The Browns have enough depth at important positions to ensure that even if they’re bitten by the injury or suspension bug, they’ll still win at least five or six games, and that won’t amount to being dead-last.