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Are Jaguars players already souring on Urban Meyer?

Urban Meyer runs a tight ship, and that type of coaching style often doesn’t sit well with NFL players.

Bill Belichick, too, is a disciplinarian, but he’s also won six titles, so Patriots players have committed to trading fun for winning. Even so, there are a few guys who have come and gone in New England that have expressed their disdain over his coaching style.

But Belichick is the exception in the NFL, as most coaches adopt more of a personal relationship with their players. Some give more freedom than others, but they understand how important it is to manage personalities in a locker room.

Enter Urban Meyer, who, like Belichick, is quite strict. We predicted his style might not play well in the NFL before he took over as Jaguars head coach, and apparently, it isn’t. A report from CBS Sports’ Pete Prisco states that the players are already taking issue with his way of doing things.

“He’s got to change a few things,” Prisco wrote. “He brought a bunch of college-like things to the program which I don’t necessarily agree with. I’ve heard some of the players aren’t thrilled with them either. One of his assistants on the field during practice with a boom mic telling everybody to hydrate, hustle and get to the next series. Obviously, he’s a work in progress. He’s been a good football coach everywhere he’s been. It’s a lot different when you recruit guys to your school and you’ve got a bunch of players, the five stars, then it is when you’re trying to build something.”

Not a good look heading into Meyer’s first season at the helm.