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Bills freeze out, ban reporter without providing any reasoning behind move

It’s known that the Buffalo Bills are a team that keeps its circle fairly small in terms of media access, but no one could have predicted they’d have frozen out an employee on their payroll.

Everyone that follows or is associated with the Bills knows Chris Brown, as he publishes articles for the team’s official website, and also hosts “One Bills Live.”

But he’s suddenly disappeared from the team’s coverage, so fans and media members alike attempted to figure out exactly why that happened.

A good starting place is to look at the last organic tweet (not promoting any links to content) that Brown himself posted, and it was Brown making light of Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy’s “attempt” to buy the naming rights to the Bills. Portnoy is a known Patriots fan, so everyone knew this was a bit of a trol ljob, yet Brown made light of it anyway.

That tweet may not have gone over well in the Bills front office. In fact, Tim Graham of The Athletic reported that the Bills banned Brown, who had not been seen at recent training camp practices.

It will be interesting to see if the Bills even address the move, as it’s not really a good look for someone on their payroll to be sharing an against-the-grain take about their organization.