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Brandon Jacobs indicates NFL teams have inquired about him playing DE

It’s been nearly a decade since Brandon Jacobs last played in the NFL, and yet he seems to believe the league has interest in his services.

Jacobs spent nearly the entirety of his career suiting up for the Giants, as that’s where his NFL journey came to an end, after the 2013 season, when he carried the ball only 58 times for 238 yards. But for some reason, he seems to believe the final chapter hasn’t been written in his NFL book as of yet.

The soon-to-be-39-year-old delivered one of the most comical quotes we’ve heard this offseason, when he attempted to float a rumor about NFL teams being interested in him. But get this: He claims they want him as a defensive end instead — not running back — even though he never played that position at the professional level.

“I don’t want to throw names out there just yet because I was told not to, but it’ll be a shock,” he said, via “If I don’t get an opportunity, it’s fine. I’m currently coaching high school football and running a youth program, which I’m perfectly content with doing the rest of my life.”

Marketing is cool and all, but it’s only effective when the world believes your story.