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Brett Brown talks up Ben Simmons’ three-point shot

No storyline that has had as little impact around the league continues to get as much attention as Ben Simmons’ three-point shooting.

For whatever reason, Simmons simply does not attempt three-pointers — whether it’s the confidence he has in his shot, his shooting form or it simply just being a part of his game he’s comfortable with. It’s a shame, though, as he’s so great at getting to the rim, so if he could develop his outside shot, he’d force his opponents to play him a bit closer, allowing him more flexibility to drive the lane.

In fact, he’s made only two three-pointers during his entire career, both of which happened this season. Before that, he had gone 0-for-17 for his career, which is abysmal for a player in today’s NBA.

But apparently, he’s been working on his three-point shooting during the break, which we’ve heard a billion times, but are now reading again, thanks to comments from head coach Brett Brown.

We’ll believe it when we see it.