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Brett Brown throws shade at Joel Embiid in sharing what Sixers lack

The Sixers are staring down the barrel of a must-win game, and their head coach and star big man are continued to trade barbs through the media.

That’s not really a good look, and can be viewed as a major distraction, with Game 3 on deck. It’s starting to appear as if the team that was one unlucky bounce away from defeating the Raptors and clinching the Eastern Conference Finals last season may not win a single game in the postseason this summer.

In the meantime, players and coaches seem more concerned with their job security, than winning. Joel Embiid appeared to throw shade at head coach Brett Brown after the loss in Game 2, complaining about the team’s strategy on defense.

Well, it didn’t take Brown long to fire back. Check out what he had to say, essentially calling out Embiid.

At least one of these guys won’t be back next season, and we’re willing to bet it will be Brown who falls on the sword for the team’s disappointing 2019-20 campaign.