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Browns rumors indicate team looking to trade Odell Beckham Jr.

Expectations were high for Odell Beckham Jr. heading into this season, given that the Browns hired Kevin Stefanski to coach the team, but he sure didn’t perform anywhere near that level in Sunday’s 38-6 blowout loss to the Ravens.

The Browns were disappointing in every facet of the game, and OBJ had one of worst stat lines. He saw 10 targets come his way, yet caught only three of them, for 22 yards. And while quarterback Baker Mayfield deserves some of the blame there, the majority of the criticism falls on Beckham. It’s his job to gain separation and get open. And, most importantly, to catch passes — rather than drop them.

In fact, Beckham was so underwhelming in the game that the trade rumors are already swirling. Mike Francesa reported that the Browns are “looking to trade” OBJ.

This is nothing new, as it seems like trade rumors surface involving Beckham nearly every season. The problem, for the Browns, is that they didn’t trade him when his stock was high, so the organization would likely be looking at diminishing returns in terms of what they’d receive in return — if they choose to move him. The time to move OBJ was during the offseason, before the new regime took over.