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Bruce Arians leaves door open for Tom Brady contract extension

Tom Brady has said in the past that he believes he can play in the NFL at least until he’s 45 years old, if not longer, and his head coach doesn’t appear to disagree.

Bruce Arians and Brady may not have been on the same page earlier in the season, but the tow clearly used the team’s bye week to iron out any differences they may have had, both from a schematic and ideological perspective. Gone are the days of Arians taking veiled shots at Brady through the media, and he now instead has been gushing praise on the player many believe to be the greatest quarterback of all time.

Brady is under contract with the Bucs through the 2021 season, and he’d be 44 at that time. But given what we’ve seen on the field this season, it sure looks like he can play longer, and given all the talent they have, as well as how comfortable Brady has looked, we wouldn’t be surprised if that happens with the Bucs.

Apparently, Arians wouldn’t either, leaving the door open for a possible contract extension.

“I don’t have anything to do with contracts, so that would be a Jason [Licht] question,” Arians told reporters on Thursday, via Pro Football Talk. “I think Tom’s real happy with where he’s at, and I wouldn’t be surprised.”

If Brady and the Bucs upset the Chiefs in Super Bowl LV, we wouldn’t be surprised if an extension follows soon after — assuming the signal-caller wants it to.