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Bruce Arians not giving Tom Brady preferential treatment, has already ‘cussed out’ QB

Tom Brady may have won more Super Bowls (six) than any other quarterback in NFL history, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the Bucs head coach is going to just roll out the red carpet for him and worship the ground he walks on.

Bruce Arians is a players’ coach, and he’s earned that reputation by being “one of the guys.” He doesn’t talk down to his players, and he communicates with them on their level. But he doesn’t kiss up to or placate them, just for the sake of it, and he also makes his expectations very clear, which is why he’s always been great at getting the most out of his guys.

And Brady is already seeing that side of him, apparently, as the two had plenty of Zoom chats during the offseason. Now, they’re finally able to get together face-to-face, and Arians has been treating him just like the rest of his players.

“He gets cussed out like everybody else,” Arians said Thursday, via Pro Football Talk. “He did a little bit yesterday because he likes to throw the ball in walk-throughs and we don’t throw the ball in walk-throughs. But not very bad.”

Nearly every NFl quarterback wants to throw the ball in walk-throughs, so Brady is clearly not alone in that regard. It just doesn’t feel natural to see a guy get open, but not be able to drop the ball into his breadbasket. We’d have been chewed out by BA, too.