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Celtics’ Enes Kanter not very happy about the accommodations in NBA’s bubble

The comparisons to Frye Festival were immediate.

The Boston Celtics have arrived in Orlando, and things don’t look all that rosy.

The NBA has arrived in the so-called “bubble” in Orlando, where they’ll quarantine for a couple of days before beginning their practices.

Celtics big man Enes Kanter posted some videos to his Instagram story to provide a peek behind the curtain of that bubble to fans.

First and foremost, Kanter gave a look around his hotel room.

Next, Kanter showed off his dinner:

Similar photos and videos from other players have gone viral, but it does sound like these meals will improve after players complete their initial quarantine upon arriving.

And the NBA shared some photos upon the Celtics’ arrival.

Kanter seems a little disappointed. This is the new normal.

The Celtics’ stay in Orlando will be determined by how long they can stay alive in the postseason.

If they lose, at least they get to go home to better digs.