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Arsenal rumors indicate team may look to move superstar Mesut Ozil

Arsenal have been looking to build for the future, rebuilding with a focus on its younger players, and it’s biggest veteran star may be on the outs as a result.

Ozil joined the club in 2013, after a successful stint with Real Madrid, as well as the German national team. He’s been their leader ever since, as the “glue” in the midfield that distributes the ball upfront, and helps lead their attack. Ozil is also a pretty solid finisher as well, even though he’s slowed down a bit in that regard.

But he’s now 31 years of age, and the team may be wise to move him while they can still get something solid in return during the transfer window.

In fact, Martin Keown recently predicted the team may do exactly that, during an appearance on Astro SuperSport.

This makes complete sense, as Arsenal have made it clear that their emphasis is now on bringing up their younger generation, so we could see Ozil getting moved in the coming months, after the season ends.