Charles Barkley Skip Bayless Beef

Charles Barkley takes a shot at Skip Bayless

Charles Barkley is one of TV’s highest paid talking heads. So is Skip Bayless.

The former NBA superstar took some time during Tuesday night’s broadcast of “NBA On TNT” to take a verbal jab at Skip Bayless.

“Take that, Skip Bayless,” Barkley said. “I hope y’all heard me America, Skip Bayless, take that with your punk ass,” Barkley said. “You know I can’t stand him.”

Watch below:

Word quickly got back to Skip, who replied on Twitter:

Barkley took his swipe at Skip over comments Skip Bayless made about Damian Lillard. Skip and Lillard were beefing over Skip’s criticism of the Blazers superstar.

“I have never been buying nothing about you fam,” Lillard tweeted at Bayless. “You a joke. And after our private convo full of backpedaling you will never have my respect.”

Barkley was defending Lillard, but it’s not his first rodeo with Skip. During a 2017 interview on “The Dan Patrick Show,” Barkley said he’d be willing to kill Bayless.

“If I get a disease and I’m gonna die, how about you get Skip Bayless in here and I’ll kill him live on national television,” Barkley said. “Just get him in here. Only when I know I’m gonna die, cause I just want to get Skip Bayless in a room one time and beat him like a dog.”

In 2013 on “NBA On TNT” he also said, “If I could get Skip Bayless in a room, you’d need DNA to find out who he was.”

You have to love the Chuck versus Skip beef.