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Chris Jones promises multiple Super Bowl wins with Chiefs dynasty talk

The Chiefs signed their two biggest superstars to contract extensions over the past two weeks, and now the dynasty talk is officially on, with them coming off a Super Bowl win, and a bright future ahead.

Normally, however, this talk from fans and analysts, with players and coaches taking the high road. It can be seen as bulletin-board material to fuel other teams, crowning one’s self before a season even begins, so dominant teams like the Patriots often took the high road in the past, letting their results do the taking.

Chiefs defensive tackle Chris Jones, however, has no problem providing said bulletin-board material, though, apparently. In fact, he’s embracing it.

Jones said a massive four-year, $85 million contract to remain with the Chiefs, roughly one week after Patrick Mahomes inked a deal for 10 more years of service. And now that those two are locked in going forward, Jones is predicting greatness, in the form of multiple Super Bowl wins, during an appearance on KCSP 610 Sports Radio.

“This is only the beginning,” Jones said, via ProFootballTalk. “We plan to have another parade and another parade and another parade. We’re going to make sure we bring not one, not two, not three, not four, but five-plus rings to Kansas City. It’s been 50 years of waiting, but the wait is over now. It’s time to create a dynasty.”

Other NFL teams are likely printing out that quote and preparing to hang it in their locker room to serve as bulletin-board material, especially those in the AFC West.

Jones isn’t wrong, though. The Chiefs are the team to beat right now, and they’re loaded with talent on both sides of the ball.