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Chris Paul addresses all the bubble ‘snitching’ jokes fired his way

Thunder point guard Chris Paul has been getting zinged left and right since the NBA instituted its “snitch hotline” to police the Orlando bubble.

The idea, in theory, is extremely practical, and it serves a purpose. Reporting players who are not following the policies the league instituted by phoning in a tip helps retain the sanctity of the bubble.

Still, there are issues with it, as players, coaches and staffers can potentially report rival players — especially superstars — in hopes of getting those guys quarantined for a long period, so they wouldn’t be able to play in games.

And given that CP3 is the NBAPA president, well, he’s been hearing all the jokes, so he was asked about it recently, on “The Steam Room.”

“I didn’t know, to tell you the truth,” Paul told TNT’s Ernie Johnson. “I didn’t know till my wife said something to me about it. My wife cracked a joke about it. But I mean, it is what it is. I can’t control that.”

“I didn’t see all of them,” he went on. “My wife sent me something about it. But I don’t even know.”

He can say what he wants, but we all know he’s aware of the jokes that have been cracked at his expense.