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Connor McDavid explains why Leon Draisaitl should win Hart Trophy

Oilers superstar Connor McDavid knows all about the Hart Trophy, having won it once, and now he’s campaigning for his teammate to take home the silverware this season.

Leon Draisaitl had his coming-out party last season, but he’s emerged as a superstar in his own right this year, and has put himself on the map. That’s extremely impressive, given that he plays in a small market, in Edmonton.

But no one can overlook the numbers Draisaitl has put up this season, with 43 goals and 67 assists in only 71 games of play. He’s also been extremely disciplined on the ice, with only 18 penalty minutes. Staying out of the box is important, and it has an effect on a team’s play, as well as players’ psyche. Draisaitl is a leader, and truly is the total package.

And if you ask McDavid, Draisaitl should win the Hart Trophy.

“I don’t have a lot of faith in the media voting so I don’t know who’s going to win, but it should be Leon,” McDavid said, via TSN. “I think the players will get it right and vote Leon (for the Ted Lindsay Award), but you never know about the media.”

He continued:

“He’s been a good player for a long time. Obviously he was great this year, huge for us in all situations and it’s a super big accomplishment for him,” McDavid said. “I’m definitely happy to see him be recognized like that.”

We’d love to see him win it. Draisaitl deserves the honor.