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Conor McGregor frolics on the beach in the south of France

Everyone can use a little getaway.

And now we can add Conor McGregor to the list of people willing to travel during a pandemic.

He stunned fans last month by announcing his unexpected retirement from UFC.

Newly retired McGregor appeared to be enjoying his time off as he enjoyed a holiday with his family in the south of France on Thursday.

The fighter, who celebrated his 32nd birthday on Tuesday, was pictured with his girlfriend Dee Devlin and their two children Conor junior and Croia.

McGregor was mostly smiles all day during his vacation:

Perhaps a bit ironic that Colin is out without a mask.

Only a few months ago, he was a Czar on the Pandemic.

Let’s hope he’s going to quarantine on his return from his little holiday in France.

But don’t count on it.