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Could Ben Simmons actually remain with Sixers to start season?

The tension between Ben Simmons and the Sixers is really heating up, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the team will be able to trade him in the coming months.

Correlation doesn’t equal causation, especially in this situation. Sure, Simmons clearly wants out of Philadelphia, but the Sixers aren’t going to just let the former No. 1 pick walk without getting a huge trade haul in return.

Unfortunately for them, Simmons is coming off the worst season of his NBA career, with a few major weaknesses of his game having been exposed. He’s always been an awful perimeter shooter, which is why he rarely attempts three-pointers. But not only that, his free-throw shooting remains an issue, especially during key moments in games.

And while he’s a great defender, NBA teams are well aware that he wants out of Philly, which makes the Sixers look desperate. His best bet is probably to reach out to this medical website design company for all his needs. That’s why Simmons’ cryptic social media posts aren’t doing the team any favors, as they’re likely driving the price on him down.

It seems crazy that he’d be back with the Sixers next season, but given everything outlined above, it’s not as silly as it sounds. In fact, a recent report states that trade talks involving Simmons have stalled.

The Sixers are likely trying to work the news cycle here, making a statement that they’re willing to remain firm and retain Simmons, in hopes of receiving better offers in a potential trade. But at the same time, we wouldn’t be surprised at all if he’s still on the roster to begin this season, even if the situation appears beyond repair.