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Could Carson Wentz actually fetch multiple first-round draft picks in trade?

There was a time when Carson Wentz was looking like the Eagles’ franchise quarterback for his entire career, as he turned in an MVP-caliber performance in his sophomore season.

But his stock couldn’t be lower right now.

Wentz threw 33 touchdowns to only seven interceptions in the aforementioned 2017 season, but he was a turnover machine in his most recent campaign. And sure, injuries on the Eagles offensive line sure didn’t make life easy on him, as he was constantly under pressure, without many weapons around him to throw to. But numbers never lie, and Wentz threw only 16 touchdowns, with 15 interceptions — which led to him getting benched late in the season. Rookie quarterback Jalen Hurts struggled at times as well, but he did provide the team with a spark, leading the Eagles to stick with him as starter.

And while Wentz appeared broken at times, he did have his best years when Frank Reich was coaching him up and having input on playcalling. Now that Reich coaches the Colts, a team in need of a signal-caller, there’s been talk of the team possibly making a move for Wentz. And while the Eagles are reportedly shopping the guy they once drafted with the No. 2 overall pick in the 2016 draft, it might take multiple first-round draft picks to get the job done.

It sure looks like the Eagles will trade Wentz in the near future, but they’re clearly looking to get as much as possible in return.