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Could the Sixers make a play for James Harden?

It’s looking like both the Houston Rockets and Philadelphia 76ers will be making major changes this offseason, and a few of the team’s biggest superstars are already being named in a potential trade discussion.

Daryl Morey was on the Rockets payroll just a few months ago, but now he’s running the show in Philadelphia, having been hired as the Sixers’ president of basketball operations. And there’s already talk of him reuniting with a superstar that he knows as well as anyone.

Ben Simmons can’t shoot three-pointers, and he instead prefers getting his points either at the basket, or via the midrange variety. That’s not how Morey likes his team to play — in fact, quite the opposite. As such, as soon as Morey landed in Philadelphia, there was talk of him potentially working out a trade for Harden, with Simmons possibly involved. Interestingly enough, Shams Charania of The Athletic reported that the Sixers will be looking to pursue Harden, but that the Rockets are against moving their superstar.

Moving Harden to the Eastern Conference could really shake up the balance of power there, so this will be an interesting storyline to follow going forward.