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Jets GM Joe Douglas defends Adam Gase, despite team’s winless start

The Jets are midway through their 2020 campaign, but the team has yet to record a win thus far.

They’re the only team that is still winless, although that isn’t as bad as it sounds, given that they’re currently in position to land the No. 1 pick in this year’s draft — awarding them the inside track to select Trevor Lawrence, assuming he declares.

But there are still more games to be played, and a number of teams are in the mix for the top pick, as the Giants, Texans and Jaguars all have only one win apiece. And while tanking is a solid strategy for the Jets — if they truly are looking to draft Lawrence — the team’s general manager is still attempting to work with its much-maligned head coach, in an effort to right the ship.

Joe Douglas was given a platform to blast Adam Gase in speaking to reporters during his weekly press conference this week, but instead, the general manager absorbed some of the blame for the team’s awful start.

“I’m going through and thinking of everything I can do to try to help Adam. And the goal is to get this fixed together,” Douglas said, via “… My focus is helping Adam solve the problem and work together to do it. And so obviously, I think we’re all confident in our abilities, but I’m focused to solve these problems with Adam.”

If the Jets are smart, they’ll retain Gase through the end of the season, and they’ll likely end up with the No. 1 pick as a result.