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David Fizdale doesn’t view Chris Paul as a fit for Knicks

The Knicks are a young team in desperate need of a veteran player for leadership, but one of their former head coaches doesn’t see Chris Paul as the guy to fill that role.

It’s quite clear that the Thunder are shopping Chris Paul, and the Knicks are clearly in the mix, with his ties to former agent Leon Rose. But a few other teams — such as the Bucks and Clippers — could be vying for CP3’s services as well.

The Knicks have the salary cap space to make it work, but it may not be in the team’s best interest to begin trying to win yet, as they’re in the midst of a complete rebuild. David Fizdale knows the Knicks well, as he coached the team from 2018-19, but he doesn’t think Paul is a good fit in the Big Apple.

“I think the Knicks have to be open to a lot of different things,” Fizdale began, via the New York Post. “Would he be a great fit for them? Absolutely. I think he would fit those kids — Mitchell Robinson going to the rim, they get more spacing, more shooting. Absolutely, he would fit. The big stage. He doesn’t get sick [with COVID-19].”

But he doesn’t think it’d be a good move for CP3’s career.

“For him, where he is at his career, I don’t think it’s a good fit for him and what he’s trying to do.’’

That’s a good point, but it’ll be up to Paul on what he wants his career arc to look like, not Fizdale.