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Is Spencer Dinwiddie Hinting at a Possible Trade From Brooklyn Nets?

You shouldn’t take every NBA player’s social media activity so seriously, but it’s hard not to when free agency is vastly approaching. At the moment, the NBA hasn’t issued an official timeline for the 2020-2021 offseason outside of the November 18 draft date — but the free agency market is expected to open shortly after.

And once the NBA free agency market opens — so does the trade market. The Brooklyn Nets are heading into a critical season. Although they’re stacked with talent as Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving headline the organization, Brooklyn still has to ensure they build around those guys accordingly.

Last season, Nets guard Spencer Dinwiddie emerged as one of Brooklyn’s best as he averaged 20 points-per-game in 64 appearances. Since joined the Nets during the 2016-2017 run, Dinwiddie has only gotten better. One would think the Nets would like to keep him around, but it’s becoming more clear he might be on his way out sooner than later.

According to ESPN’s Brian Windhorst, the Nets want to make certain upgrades to the roster this offseason. While Brooklyn likes what Dinwiddie brings to the table, it seems the Nets could explore the idea of building around another position by using Dinwiddie and his career-best season as bait. As the rumors regarding Dinwiddie’s availability hit the web, the Nets guard reacted and put worry in the brains of Brooklyn Nets fans all over.

“I had the most fun years of my career playing for the Nets.” “Had” became a keyword here for fans on Twitter. As Dinwiddie spent the last four seasons donning a Brooklyn Nets uniform, his word choice on social media regarding his time with the Nets leads fans to believe he knows his time could be coming to an end.

The good news is the Nets aren’t actively shopping Dinwiddie. Rather, it seems they are just open to negotiating deals involving the veteran guard as any good front office would. While the likelihood of Dinwiddie ending up elsewhere seems much higher than it was in previous years — it’s not time to start writing farewell posts for him just yet.