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David Pastrnak actually endorses Leon Draisaitl for MVP over himself

The NHL isn’t a superstar-driven league, unlike other sports like the NBA, but Oilers center Leon Draisaitl has not been getting the attention that other big-name players have received. Still, that shouldn’t take away from the magical season he’s been having.

Draisaitl was on absolute fire when the season was forced to be paused, due to the coronavirus pandemic. He scored 43 goals and racked up 67 assists in just 71 games of play, showing how much better he makes his teammates around him.

He’s certainly in the running for the Hart Trophy, and if you ask one of the other players that are in the mix for the coveted award, Darisaitl should win it.

Bruins savvy scorer Travis Pastrnak even recently came out and said that Draisaitl deserves to win the Hart Trophy.

We agree, and we’re rooting for Draisaitl to win it as well, given that it’s been such a magical season for him.