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De’Aaron Fox lobbying for Kings to retain Luke Walton as head coach

Luke Walton has a history of failure during his tenure in the NBA as head coach, and rumors are swirling about his time with the Kings coming to an end, but one of the team’s star players apparently wants him to stick around for a bit.

De’Aaron Fox is the team’s unquestioned leader, so when he speaks, everyone listens. In fact, it’s possible that Fox coming out and making a strong statement could actually be him echoing the sentiments of his teammates.

That’s why many took note when Fox came out in support of Walton, seemingly out of nowhere. In fact, he even used the word “everybody,” in referring to how the Kings felt about Walton’s future with the team.

“If you’re not winning as a team, guys get traded, guys who were barely hanging on … get cut and are out the league and coaches get fired,” Fox told Howard Beck of Sports Illustrated. “Everybody wants to continue to grow together and keep this group together, and continue to play for a coach that you trust in.”

That’s all well and good, but Walton has posted a 61-79 record during his tenure in Sacramento. In fact, he’s never achieved a winning season as head coach, with an awful 129-189 lifetime record. The Kings have enough talent on their roster to be a playoff team, but they’re not going to the big dance this year, and Walton could lose his job as a result.

Fox can say what he wants, but the Kings simply aren’t playing up to their potential, for whatever reason.