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DeAndre Hopkins just can’t stop taking shots at the Texans on Twitter

It’s been nearly a year since the Texans traded away one of their greatest players in franchise history, and he clearly still hasn’t forgotten about it.

DeAndre Hopkins and former head coach Bill O’Brien simply could not coexist, and that’s why the superstar receiver was able to force his way out of Houston, with the Texans getting fleeced by the Cardinals in the process.

And now, the Texans are in a complete rebuild, having parted ways with one of its two remaining players with star potential in JJ Watt. Not only that, the other one, Deshaun Watson, claims he won’t play for the Texans again, unless there’s a change in ownership, which clearly isn’t happening anytime soon.

The team has quickly devolved into a never-ending punchline, being run by former pastor Jack Easterby. And Hopkins continues to take shots at them on Twitter.

It’s enough already, and is long past time for Hopkins to move on, and focus on what’s ahead of him — playing for the Cardinals.