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Derek Carr gets destroyed by Bucs LB Devin White on fourth-down run (Video)

Raiders quarterback Derek Carr showed how tough he is in the fourth quarter of Sunday’s game against the Bucs.

Carr has been criticized over the years for lacking leadership qualities, as well as not throwing the ball downfield, and while that may be fair, he does seem to make up for it with toughness. He has no problem sitting in the pocket and waiting for his receivers to get open, which sometimes results in him getting hit hard.

The Raiders got beaten pretty badly by the Bucs in Sunday’s 38-20 loss, but Carr did attempt to run for a first down on a fourth-and-one play late in the fourth quarter. No one was open, so Carr attempted to take off running outside to move the chains.

Unfortunately for him, Bucs linebacker Devin White tracked him perfectly and lit up Carr with a big hit, stopping him short of the chains.

Carr may need an ice bath in the near future for that hit alone.