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DK Metcalf takes over camera to celebrate TD (Video)

Seahawks receiver DK Metcalf flipped the script and became one of the guys in charge of airing Sunday’s game against the Jets, rather than actually playing in it, for a brief moment at least.

Seattle was out for blood after suffering an embarrassing 17-12 home loss to New York the previous week, and it showed. The Seahawks took a 23-3 lead into the half, and never looked back.

Metcalf played a big role in their offense, catching a five-yard touchdown pass on the first play of the second quarter, giving his team its first double-digit lead of the game.

He celebrated by playing the role of cameraman, commandeering a camera and using it for a brief moment.

Metcalf was hit with a penalty (unsportsmanlike conduct) for his celebration, but we’re willing to bet he was OK with it.