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Donovan Mitchell vows to become ‘more willing passer’

Jazz superstar Donovan Mitchell excels at getting to the rim, but even he knows there are a few aspects of his game he can improve.

Mitchell could probably benefit from working on his outside shot — just like Ben Simmons — but he also knows that there’s another area he can shore up as well: his passing.

He’s averaged only 4.0 assists per game during the course of his career, and has been criticized for prioritizing his scoring side of the stat sheet, at 24.2 points per game, rather than putting the ball in the hands’ of his teammates.

He’s aware of it, though, and apparently wants to share the rock more going forward, which he recently relayed to reporters.

“Becoming a better passer … more willing passer. I think getting into the lane, obviously, I get there and take certain shots, but I think, being able to find my teammates,” Mitchell said, via ESPN’s Eric Woodyard. “Especially with Bojan (Bogdanovic) being out, we’re gonna need guys to kind of pick it up and pick up the slack that he had.

“Getting (my teammates) easier looks, which then also comes back and makes it easier on myself, but being able to do that I think will not just help me for where we are now, but help me for years upon my career.”

It’s good to see Mitchell realizes that even if the offense does run through him, he needs to share the wealth a bit when the 2019-20 NBA season restarts later this month.