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Jordan Spieth provides great quote about what golf is all about

Golf star Jordan Spieth is one of the best in the world, but what’s really helped him grow his following is his warm personality.

Spieth has been known to have some fun with his buddies, especially when celebrating big wins, but he does so in a way that’s received well from the public. Not only that, he’s also a very grounded, wholesome person, so he always comes off well in interviews. It’s fair to say that Spieth truly is a role model that many of America’s youth would be wise to mimic, in terms of his behavior and mannerisms both on and off the course.

He’s shown that many times over the years, and, most recently, he did so during an interview with the PGA Tour. Spieth entered Sunday (-12) tied for second place in the Charles Schwab Challenge, and he shared an awesome quote when asked what he’s learned over the years from playing golf.

“Just try and keep your head down… have fun,” Spieth said.

So classy.