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Draymond Green has no interest playing in NBA’s ‘toilet bowl’ second bubble

Fans may not be interested, but the NBA continues to push this idea of having a second bubble, inviting the team’s that weren’t in Orlando to play in their own tournament.

It’s a silly idea, and probably has more to do with revenue than a quality product, especially when you consider including teams like the Warriors that have won multiple titles in recent years. Those players aren’t going to get up for a “second-best” tournament, playing against perennial cellar-dwellers.

Draymond Green sure doesn’t appear excited about the possibility of playing in it, and in the way he spoke for his teammates, it doesn’t appear the rest of the Warriors are, either.

He recently appeared on “The Steam Room” podcast, and he shared his thoughts about it with Ernie Johnson and Charles Barkley.

“Second bubble…What’s that?” Green began. “The Gus Macker Toilet Bowl: That’s what you want us to go play in?”

He continued:

“No chance [he’d want to play in it]. No chance. No, at the end of the day, if it came about and we had to go, I’m not gonna opt out. I’m just not gonna do that. But I am strongly against Adam Silver and anyone else in the league office starting a second bubble.”

It sure doesn’t look like a second bubble is happening, and we’re OK with that. The quality of play in Orlando has been amazing.