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Derek Carr gets caught using burner account on Twitter

There are some athletes that get too caught up in how the public and media views them, and Raiders quarterback Derek Carr has always been one of them.

He’s not alone, though, as guys like Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, LeBron James and Ben Roethlisberger are in th conversation as well, getting caught up in their image, and sometimes manipulating the media into making them come off a certain way.

Carr is a bit different than those guys, though, in that he’s fairly soft-spoken. He’s not a loud, boisterous guy who will dominate the conversation, nor is he really known for being a vocal leader.

So in his instance, he may need to defend himself in more creative, passive ways — such as using a burner Twitter account, for example.

One particular fan, Tom Fehr, noticed that a Twitter account by the name of @Jayce_Frost sure appeared to be going above and beyond defending Carr, as well as Fresno State (where he attended college).

The Twitter account was deleted soon after, making it look even more suspicious, yet “Frost” even reached out to Fehr, claiming it wasn’t him.

It sure looks like he was busted in the act — a thing Durant knows all about, as it relates to burner accounts.