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Even a Bears player questioned Falcons’ awful playcalling in Week 3 meltdown

The Falcons somehow blew a 26-10 fourth-quarter lead to a backup quarterback, and even players on the opposing team were surprised by how Atlanta’s coaching staff mismanaged the game.

It took an admirable effort from quarterback Nick Foles off the bench to lead the Bears to victory, but the Falcons’ collapse allowed him to do so. Atlanta’s offense lived off big plays in the first half, but when that dried up, a number of three-and-outs followed, making life difficult on its defense.

And the Bears took advantage of it, outscoring the Falcons 20-0 in the fourth quarter of the game. If the Falcons could’ve mustered up any points in the final stanza, they may have held on to win.

But their stagnant offense proved to be their downfall, and even Bears safety Tashaun Gipson appeared to question the Falcons’ playcalling, specifically how they fell in love with the run.

The Falcons just can’t find a rhythm on offense when clinging to a lead. They either throw too much, or run too much, and it’s predictable.