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Kyle Lowry gives Aaron Gordon his hotel room number following skirmish

Things are sounding a bit different in the bubble.

During Wednesday’s game between the Toronto Raptors and Orlando Magic, we saw something we usually don’t see.

Early in the third quarter, with Toronto up 14, Magic forward Aaron Gordon saw an opening and attacked the rim off the dribble.

Raptors point guard Kyle Lowry came over to help, and took a swipe at Gordon’s arm, dragging him down in what wound up being a dangerous, hard foul.

See below:

Lowry was issued a Flagrant 1.

Gordon had some words for the Raptors guard to let him know what he thought of that cheap shot. The two teams had to be separated, and as Gordon left the floor, he told Lowry, “You’re a b***h.”

Then Lowry dropped a gem on him:

Bubble life is an interesting life. Not only are you competing with your peers, you’re also living with them.

There’s no doubt things will probably get uncomfortable in the players lounge during the playoffs.