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Gardner Minshew ‘begged’ coaching staff to start him at QB

Jaguars young quarterback Gardner Minshew has been medically cleared to start under center as he had earlier in the season, but the coaching staff refuses to allow him to do so.

Minshew was dealing with a thumb injury, but doctors have given him the green light to return to the football field. The coaching staff, however, has stuck with veteran quarterback Mike Glennon, who nearly led the team to victory against the Vikings on Sunday.

In the meantime, the one-win Jaguars are currently positioned to land the No. 2 overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, and they may not be all that motivated to win games. Minshew likely gives them the best chance to emerge victorious in any contest going forward, and he’s itching to get back out there — even “begging” his coaches to let him start again.

“It’s so frustrating,” Minshew said, via “I pretty much went and begged before the Cleveland game [two weeks ago] to be able to play. It sucks, you know. There’s no way around it.

“I want to be out there. I want to be helping our team, but if helping our team is me being the best No. 2 I can be, then that’s what I’ve got to do right now.”

It’s hard to see Minshew starting again this season, assuming Glennon stays healthy, but it’s understandable that he’s frustrated, as he does likely give them the best chance to win.