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Geno Smith takes a shot at ESPN over old locker room fight story

Geno Smith’s career never lived up the hype, but even now, he’s still showing signs that he has the fire in his belly.

ESPN published a story recapping a 2015 locker room fight with the New York Jets, where Smith was at the time.

And Smith was none too pleased about the article.

Smith took to Twitter after ESPN published its story to share his frustrations over the story.

“This is what y’all posting,” Smith questioned in his tweet. “This what really happened? Hell no. Negativity sells in this world and lies go further than the truth. The devilish acts perpetuated in the media will never get old. It’s a shame what these people do for a story.”

The fight fight resulted in Geno being sidelined for at least six weeks after he was punched in the jaw by teammate IK Enemkpali.

According to the story from ESPN, the feud between Smith and Enemkpali stemmed to a $600 debt that Smith owed Enemkpali.

Geno continued to sound off on ESPN:

According to ESPN, both Smith and Enemkpali decided to not comment for the five-year anniversary story.

Geno is currently Russell Wilson’s backup in Seattle.