George Hill bathroom break

George Hill explains why he wasn’t on court during national anthem

The National Anthem is always going to be a talking point.

The 2020 NBA playoffs resumed over the weekend, with Game 5 between the Milwaukee Bucks and Orlando Magic.

Prior to the game, the players took a knee during the national anthem, as has become custom during the restart, but George Hill was not among them. This lead to many questioning why he wasn’t on the court.

The savvy NBA veteran was seen standing alone in the hallway. When it was over, he rejoined his team on the court. 

So why wasn’t he on the court?

Hill revealed how one of his pregame rituals is to use the bathroom before every game and, this time around, the cameras just happened to catch him coming back to the court. 

You never really think about what players have to do in order to relieve themselves.

His honesty is maybe too much information, but quite necessary.