Baker Mayfield racial injustice speech

Baker Mayfield makes statement on racial injustice

Baker Mayfield is the face of the Cleveland Browns. As the starting quarterback, he’s also the leader, so when he speaks, his teammates listen.

Mayfield has already announced that he plans to kneel for the National Anthem this season. Now he’s walking the walk.

The Cleveland Browns quarterback read a statement to the media on behalf of his team before practice, Sunday, regarding their stance on racial and social justice.

Watch below:

“We believe it is the duty of every American to peacefully stand up, speak out, address injustice, especially those resulting from racial inequities and ending in violence,” Mayfield said.

“That just shows that you’re in it with them. It’s not a separated or it’s not a one-sided movement,” said Mayfield. “I can’t put myself in their shoes for some of the inequalities that they have gone through and some of the things they have gone through, but I am trying to do the best I can by hearing their stories and sharing that. That’s the best part about it is hearing their stories so I can really start to feel their frustration and anger and push forward with them because that is what it’s about. It is about all trying to create change together and be that solution.”

Baker’s message was spot on, his delivery, not so much.

Mayfield definitely needs to learn how to read from a piece of paper with a little more energy and sincerity.