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How close was Aaron Rodgers to retiring from NFL?

Aaron Rodgers will, once again, be suiting up for the Packers in the 2021 NFL season, but there was a time not too long ago when it appeared as if the relationship between him and the team was fractured beyond repair.

Rodgers did say, after all, that he refused to play for the Packers as long as general manager Brian Gutekunst remained at the helm. Well, Gutekunst is still calling the shots, much to the surprise of no one.

The Packers made it clear they weren’t trading Rodgers, and with him under contract, they had all the leverage in the situation. Soon after, the rumors of Rodgers choosing to retire began surfacing, but he elected to rejoin the team at training camp instead.

So how close was he to retiring?

Apparently, he was seriously considering the decision, as Peter King of NBC Sports reported that Rodgers was “50-50” in terms of retiring vs. playing.

It appears Rodgers will play out the season, but Packers fans can’t feel all that confident about his future with the team, after hearing that bit of news.