Ian Poulter trick shot

Ian Poulter hits trick shot through his Ferrari

Talk about a potentially expensive shot.

PGA player Ian Poulter clearly wasn’t afraid to dent his Ferrari, as he decided to pull of an amazing trick shot.

Poulter has always loved cars, particularly Ferraris.

A video produced by well-known car guy YouTuber “Shmee” provides a cool tour of Poulter’s garage. The champion golfer told Shmee during the visit:

“I was always a car man and I said to myself, ‘When I win my first tournament, I need to buy a Ferrari.’ I won the Italian Open, but the check wasn’t big enough, I won another tournament and that check wasn’t big enough. So when I won my third tournament, which was the Italian Open again, I knew it was time. So I bought myself a 360, and from that moment that love affair has grown.”

Watch Ian’s trick shot below:

This is the kind of thing Social Media was made for.

Hopefully he did it in one take, or at least practiced with a plastic ball.