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Jayson Tatum explains why basketball ‘doesn’t matter’ amid potential NBA boycott

Talk of the NBA’s players potentially boycotting games in the future has really turned heads, and the Celtics’ best player recently explained exactly why they may do so.

Protests over social injustice and police brutality were dying down a bit, up until Jacob Blake was tragically shot in the back multiple times in Kenosha, Wisconsin — in front of his children, with no reason for the police doing so whatsoever.

And now social injustice is in the forefront of the news cycle again, and many are doing whatever they can to help raise awareness, in hopes of sparking changes. NBA players are front and center in that push, with talk of them potentially boycotting games in the future.

In fact, it’s so bad, that Celtics young superstar Jayson Tatum said NBA games — even of the postseason variety — don’t matter right now.

“How many points we score, how many games we win, that sh—doesn’t matter right now,” Tatum said, via Sports Illustrated’s Chris Mannix. “Being a black man in America is more important than what I’m doing on a basketball court. Using my platform, my voice, to help create conversations and change is more important than anything I could do out there. You think about a man being shot in his back seven times, his kids in the car, that’s way more important than anything I could do out there.”

Powerful words for sure. It will be interesting to see the effect the social injustice protests have on the NBA going forward.