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Paul Finebaum believes Nick Saban will leave Alabama in near future

Nick Saban has built a dynasty at Alabama, but the team’s reign may be coming to an end, due to what Dabo Swinney has done for Clemson, as the Tigers have beat the Crimson Tide in title games the last two times they’ve square off.

And one particular analyst who knows the SEC as well as anyone believes that Saban’s run at Alabama may be coming to an end as a result.

It may sound crazy at first glance, but Saban has been at Alabama since 2007. He’s won only one title in the past four years, and it was against UCF — a team that probably shouldn’t have even been into a title game. They were overmatched, and outclassed, and the Crimson Tide took advantage.

The pressure is on for the Crimson Tide this season — if there is football, that is — and ESPN’s Paul Finebaum believes it’s “title or bust” for Saban, which he stated on “Get Up.”

“I think he needs to win soon,” Finebaum said. “My argument was his age. Age is relative. It’s not like I’m 25 years old, and I’m still holding on for dear life. Everyone knows Saban turns 69 and he still looks great. I think he has a fairly narrow window. … I think the clock is ticking, and I think that is obvious.”

No arguments from us here, as Saban has won so much at Alabama, it’s fair to wonder if the team coming up short is having an effect on his motivation to devote nearly every day of his life to the program.