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Joc Pederson has expletive-laden rant after routine groundout (Video)

Dodgers veteran outfielder Joc Pederson sets the bar high, given all that he’s accomplished throughout his career. So when he doesn’t perform up to those standards, he lets the world know about it by getting on himself.

And even though it was only Opening Day, with plenty of rust to shake off for most players, Pederson was already approaching Thursday’s game against the Giants as if he were in midseason form.

Pederson saw a fastball up in the zone during the sixth inning of the game, and that’s exactly where he likes it. He chased the pitch — even though it wasn’t a strike — in hopes of sending it into the stands.

That’s not how it played out, though, as he chopped a routine ground ball to first base for an easy out. The contact wasn’t what he had hoped it’d be, though, so he dropped a loud F-bomb at the top of his lungs. He then uttered some more mumblings en route to first base, then dropped yet another F-bomb.

It was just a groundout, bro. It happens to the best of us. No big deal.