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Josh Allen ‘all in’ on Barstool Sports acquiring naming rights to Bill stadium

It’s no secret that the Bills and New Era had a split earlier this year, and now the naming rights for Buffalo’s NFL team’s stadium are up for grabs.

The Bills have been fairly quiet about exactly who they’re currently negotiating with, in terms of the naming rights, but the clock is ticking, as they’re scheduled to host the Bills in only nine days. And while there’s no requirement for them to have a name for their stadium by then, it wouldn’t be a good look.

Lucky for them, Barstool Sports has made it very clear it’s making a strong push to acquire the naming rights. And anyone that knows the profile of Bills fans knows that it would be a perfect match, given how that particular media company approaches it’s content, with an edgy, opinionated feel. But the Bills have yet to comment on it publicly, and it’s possible that the organization doesn’t want the potential blowback that would come along with the decision, given the reputation Barstool Sports has.

The team’s quarterback, Josh Allen, is “all in” on Barstool Sports acquiring the naming rights, though.

“I’m all in on that, by that way,” Allen said on the popular “Pardon My Take” podcast, in reference to the naming rights. “All in on the Barstool… Barstool Stadium.”

Barstool Sports’ CEO Dave Portnoy has made it clear his company wants to buy the naming rights, but we don’t see it happening. Time will tell, though.