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Josh Jacobs attempts to deceive fantasy football players with post about injury status

The NFL takes injury statuses very seriously, but Raiders running back Josh Jacobs clearly did not get that memo.

Most players just handle their business when recovering from injuries, following directions from the medical staff, and letting the situations play out. There’s really no reason to do anything else, as they make millions of dollars to just follow the process and focus on recovering.

But not Jacobs, however, who attempted to troll fantasy football players with some misinformation about whether or not he was active ahead of Sunday’s game against the Colts. He had been recovering from an ankle injury, and he took to Instagram to tell his followers he wasn’t playing in the game with a post on his story (even though he was listed as active).

That post was more of a waste of time than a stroke of comedic genius, and the 22-year-old showed his age there.