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Josh Norman throws shade at Redskins with interesting tweet

It’s a well-known fact that Josh Norman’s tenure with the Redskins was an absolute disaster.

He can make excuses for his poor play on the field, and why he believes he didn’t live up to the expectations that came along with signing a massive $75 million contract.

And if you ask him, of course, it was due to not fitting in the team’s scheme, or their culture, or whatever else he can blame. Regardless, he didn’t even finish out his contract, as the team released him earlier in the year. He went on to sign a one-year, $6 million deal with the Bills, proving how much his stock has dropped.

So when there was talk of a scathing report about sexual misconduct taking place in the Redskins organization, Norman couldn’t refrain from weighing in. He dropped this cryptic tweet, which sure appeared to be about the Redskins.

Sour grapes.